Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sculpture Update...

Here's an update on the small horse head (4.25" x 6") sculpture I'm working on. I hope to have it finished by tonight. If all works out as planned, I'll paint it tomorrow.
                                       God bless! ~Kim / Kitterly
Some progress. I forgot that I was to help my son paint his new room, so that means time to pack up the clay! I'll work on it first thing in the morning. ((After morning chores & schoolwork I mean! 😀))

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Current Projects...

   Hey Y'all! Here are just 2 of the various projects I am working on. The first is a woodburning that will be painted with watercolors and varnished for my mil's friend.
   The 2nd is a clay sculpture I started a while back but never got around to finishing. This one will be for sale once it's finished.
   I'll keep you posted on the progress of both.
   Stay tuned...
   God bless!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Afternoon everyone! I pray all is well worth y'all this blustery Friday. ((At least it's blustery here in my little part of the world. 70-90mph wind gusts qualify as that in my book! 😀))

Today is the day my daughter & I put her bed frame together in her room. Then we start redecorating! ((Yes, I know, we're doing it backwards! 😂 We're special that way!))

Just in case anyone's interested, I am putting the wolf drawing up for sale. I will be adding a PayPal button this weekend.  Stay tuned for updates!

God bless!
~Kim aka "Kitterly"

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Don't ya just hate when you have SOOO many things to get done, you don't know WHERE to start? I'm in that spot right now. I have tons of projects started but not finished. I have some that are practical (my daughter's bed frame!) and need to be done before the fun stuff, but the fun stuff is calling my name. There's a problem with that as well, as I have about 9 items that all need to be worked... decisions, decisions. Grrr! Guess I'd better make a list and start following it! ((Lists are very helpful, but sometimes feel restrictive. KWIM?))

 If you've followed me this far, I'm impressed! Sometimes what goes on inside of my own head confuses even me! :) Guess that's what most of us "creative" types have to deal with more than most!

That being said, it looks like I'll be sanding the last half of a headboard tonight.
I'll post photos of the finished project.
Thanks for letting me vent...sorta! :)
God bless!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Starting Over...

Well, it looks like I am back to using Blogger to post photos & updates about our little farm and our art. I sure hope to do better THIS time. Please remember us in your prayers! Thank you & God bless!