Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Work Day!

Today the kids and I took apart 2 planter boxes and relocated them to the garden. We've gotten the dirt moved from one, will work on the 2nd one tomorrow. We relocated our husky to behind the greenhouse, next to our Aussie; relocated 2 yearling does to their own pen; moved 4 young Cayuga ducklings to a bigger pen ((had to move the year old drake into time out for awhile. He's even mean to us!)); Moira cleaned out the one goat pen while I had mom & twins out for some air. After they were resettled in the clean pen, we moved the soiled bedding into the 2 new planter boxes.

Yes, we're pooped! :) It's a good feeling, knowing lots had been done...((until I think about all that's left STILL to do! :/ )) and so with that, I'm off to sluice this layer of grime off me.

Enjoy the goat kid photos! :) 3 of the 5 were disbudded last night, hence the silver circles on their noggins! :)

God bless!
~Kim / Momma

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Catching Up...Yet AGAIN!?!

I know, I know! I am the worlds WORST blogger! Too many things going on at once, adding to the fact that I am NOT the most organized person in the world = chaos! :P I am going to TRY to be more consistent, but I can't promise anything more. We have all sorts of projects that need working on here, both art and farm related. Please send up a few prayers for my sanity, projects completion, and better blogging practices! TIA! :)

To catch up from the last post, the sculpture of the horse head started curling as it dried, so I tried to take the worst piece off, and the entire thing crumbled! :( I'm thinking the layers of clay might have gotten too dry between the various times I worked on it, causing it to become unstable. Dunno... I am going to have to experiment with it and see what I can come up with.

We have oodles of opportunities for new artwork, as 2 of our Nigerian Dwarf does gave birth to 5 adorable kids between them. Ducklings will be hatching this weekend, and the miniature horses are losing their winter fuzzies. The leaves are popping out on all the trees, and so, not only do we have  cute animal photo ops, but gorgeous Alaskan scenery as well! :)

I have 2 paintings I will be working on, both of the equine varity, so please, stay tuned!
God bless!
~Kim / Momma