Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Update, Yo!

  Hi. It's been a while since I've written. That's actually kind of sad, considering I'm supposed to keep everyone in the loop. Anyway, here's what has happened since the start of the year (and seven seconds before).

 The fam and I (meaning Dad, Mom, Seth and me) were out in my Dad's office/garage, and Momma went inside for something. When she was coming outside, she slipped on the stairs (they even had those plastic things on them to keep you from falling...yeah, only Momma is klutzy enough to slip on it) and landed on her bum. Hard. We all looked up from what we were doing (I should say looked down, because my mom is only five foot three) because we all heard the THUMP. Right then, the timer for New Year's Day went off (we were watching it on TV). So while everyone was celebrating New Year's, Dad & Mom were at the hospital.

 As it turns out, Momma broke her tailbone. Yep, you read that right. Her tailbone. Ouch.

 Well, I can't make fun of her too much , because I fractured my arm on May 17th. Before I tell you how, let me say something in my defense. I had very baggy pants on, which were too long in the first place. I broke my arm by...(insert drum roll here) running around, tripping on my pants, doing a somersault, and landing on my elbow, fracturing the top of my humorous, possibly breaking my elbow. Dad was in Anchorage at our church cooking for a breakfast, when my mom called him about my acrobatics. "The good this is, I didn't have to help clean up! Now all we need to do is have Seth break something," Dad told me when he got to the hospital. I think Dad has a secret superpower that allows him to be really fast (like the Marvel dude in the X-Men movie) which only turns on in an emergency, because the normally hour-long trip from Anchorage to Palmer was only 35 minutes long.

 I guess this just shows you Momma isn't the only klutz in the family. From this experience I hope you've all learned to never run with baggy pants. I know I have.

 By the way, I gave those lethal pants to Mom. And while I don't want to wear them again, I still run around, which my mom thinks is pretty stupid. She's probably right. Unfortunately. (Why do moms always have to be right?)

 The Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage, celebrated 100 years on September 15th. They had it in The Catholic Anchor and everything. We all went to the Mass they had for it. It was pretty cool. I mean, it's not everyday someone gets to go to a 100-year old church!

 In the middle of September my mom and I put like 20-something eggs in the incubator. They'll  sell before winter, we thought. Ha. We had 13 chicks hatch. Thirteen stinky, loud, dumb chicks in the house. The worst part, we had two Jersey Giant/Cuckoo Marans hatch, (the rest were Cochin) and they are the most retarded chicks we've had. Every "big chick" we've hatched are dumb. That's how we divide the chickens: "The big chickens" are our JGs, Australorps, EEs and our one Barred Plymouth Rock. We just say "The Cochin" for our Cochin Bantams. Anyway, the big chicks' (which we are sure are roos) stupid-ness is starting to rub off onto the two remaining Cochin. Ugh. I think the bigger the chicken, the smaller the brain. They're like the dino with all the armor on it. You know, the one with the brain as small as a kitten's. Anyway, the good thing is that one of our friends is going to pick up the chicks soon.

 In August Seth went down to Texas to visit my sister Kelly. I'm so jealous! He got to see our niece and nephews before me! So unfair. Well, I probably would've said hi to everyone and then run out to the barn to hang with Mischief. FYI, Mischief is my mom's old chestnut Quarter Horse Paint, now Kelly's. She's really friendly. My parents, siblings, (plus almost all of my nieces and nephews) and I have ridden her at least once. She's 23 mom has had her since she was six months old. She now lives a life of pampered retirement with Kelly in TX. Love that horse! :)

 For Halloween we normally go to one of our friend's party. That's when we get all dressed up for Halloween. We don't really have a big enough neighborhood (yet) to go trick or treating, and we all like going to the party better anyway. Last year I was a pirate. It was cool, because I even got to wear a wig. A black one. Momma colored my eyebrows black, so it really looked like I had black hair. Steven didn't even recognize me! Anyway, this year I didn't get to go because I was sick. Poo. Well at least Mom and I had the house to ourselves. No guys. What more could a girl ask for? Aside from spending a whole guy-free day at the barn. :) :) :)

 November's been normal. There's Thanksgiving coming up, but other then that, no big events happening. Not until December, which on the 5th we're hosting a party at Holy Family. My mom came up with the idea last year, so instead of Santa, she decided to throw in a little more Catholicism in there and have St. Nicholas Party. Last year things went smoothly, and we're hoping the same happens this year. I hope everyone liked it enough to go to it again.

 Across the road from us there's a huge subdivision going in on 40 acres. 37 houses! I'm dreading it. I liked it when the other side of the road was just a big piece of woods. I'm more of a person who would buy a house in the middle of nowhere so I could go out and talk to people, but come back to a quiet house (that is, until I start rockin' to Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Adele, or Imagine Dragons). I don't like living in a big neighborhood. Now if it was a neighborhood with everyone having at least 5 acres, (like ours) that would be fine. But 37 houses?! Each house has less then an acre. That's just sad. :(

 I've run out of things to say. You guys are probably like, "Whoo! She stopped talking! Celebrate good times...come on!" Sorry. Kind of got carried away with that awesome song.
                                                           Neighs and Whinnies,
                                                                       Moira S. Fasser

 The name for the subdivision is, "Haystead; Alaska Farm Country Living." How is a subdivision a farm?

 Btw Mother Teresa is going to become a saint on September 5th, 2016. That's my dad's birthday! How cool is that? My favorite saint (or going-to-be saint) is Mother Teresa. Everyone thought I would've liked St. Francis of Assisi the best because he's the animal person. I like him too, as well as St. Isadore, the farm guy.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Views From Around the Farm...

It's pretty chilly around here these days! It was a whopping 2 degrees F this morning when my husband left for work. That was around 9 am! Thankfully, the sun HAS come up and it's now a balmy 18 degrees F. :)

Here a few photos of around the place...more to be uploaded later. We're still missing the goats, chickens, horses, dogs, & of course the beautiful mountains! :)

Here are some of the ducks. Khaki, 1 Cayuga, and the Welsh.

                    Cherry followed Moira into the greenhouse / barn.

                        Photo of the boy goats pen. Nice & snug.

                      View from the end of our drive...& Moira posing!

          View from the opposite end of the driveway looking towards the house. Thank goodness they can't cut OUR trees!

                                           Frosted yarrow.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Greetings, Strangers!

It's been a long time......again! I totally stink at this blog thing. I'm much better at "doing" things than writing about them I'm going to be enlisting Moira's help in that department. I figure since she needs the practice because of school, it'll work out for both of us! :)

Just to bring y'all up to speed, here's a few things that have happened around here.

We have combined most of our ducks into one pen. The Cayuga females were beating up the younger, smaller Welsh Harlequin, so we put them in a pen by themselves and the Welsh with the Khaki (and the one Cayuga who thinks she's a Khaki! Hey, at least she no longer things she's a chicken...that's a story for another time! :) )) They're all doing great. I have our Welsh drake (Dandy) in with the Welsh & Khaki. Tomorrow, our Cayuga drake (Drake...we didn't name him!) will be reunited with his ladies and I am hoping to put the Khaki drake (Mr. Pickles) in with Dandy. We shall see if all goes as we hope. I won't let Dandy (the youngest drake) get injured!

Moira & I built another, bigger goat pen for the buck & wether, inside of the horse enclosure, not too far  (but far enough!) from the does pen. It's holding up rather well! :)

The 2 oldest girls get a break from milking and then in January, all 4 will be bred. We'll have all sorts of kids hopping around here come May / June! :)

We got snow on Nov. 1st and then today, it decided to rain. Lots of muck / slush. Not much fun to work in, but it is what it is. I can't wait for the REAL snow to get here! :) Yes, I'm THAT person. I also happen to love the dark of winter. It's soothing and peaceful  after the hectic hustle & bustle of summer.

I'm working on a few at projects as well. I will include photos / descriptions of them in my next post, which should be much sooner than the last! :)

Til next time,