Wednesday, March 30, 2016

          Hey there! The last post was supposed to be posted earlier, but I forgot to do it. That should tell you how scatter-brained I am.

          Anyway, the last post was written on the 12th or something. So the dates in it aren't going to be accurate. Oops.

         So our tiny goats have gone from normal weight to BOOM, huge. And I mean big. If you look at them from the top, they're shaped like a pear. My wether, Jack, (full name is Cracker Jack) is so fat he looks like he's preggo. Time for goat-walks. XD

         The minis are doing good. They're both starting to lose their winter coat, so now, you brush your hand through their hair and you get a ton of hair on your hand. It makes you look like you turned into Chewbacca or a werewolf or something.

         On Palm Sunday, (March 20th) one of my mom's ducks got taken by a Hawk Owl. Her name was Lefty, because when she hatched she laid on her left side too long. Mom had to massage her neck for a week or so. She finally could walk, and was put out with the other ducks. Lefty was only two.

         On Easter Sunday, (March 27th) two of the 1/3 Welsh Harlequin, 1/3 Rouen, and 1/3 Khaki Campbell eggs pipped. They hatched the next day, and then three more hatched later on in the day. Two of the later ones are full Welsh, along with another one which hatched the next day.

          The first two mixes learned to run as fast as possible across the room to me when I called them. I had to make peeping and quacking sounds, though, because we didn't name them, so we didn't get attached to 'em. They're so adorable.

          The goats are due in two months. Whee! So many kids! The goats eat a lot now, and I can understand why. I mean, if all of them have three babies, that's 12 kids! So, technically, that's 16 goats in one pen...And I thought we'd never exceed 10 goats. That's not even counting my wether and Mom's buck. :O

          Okay, I'm about to get all Minecraft-y, so all you people who either don't like or don't know about Minecraft, I suggest you stop reading. XP JK I just don't think you'll get what I'm talking about if you don't play the game.

           I feel bored with your run-of-the-mill creepers, zombies, and spiders to fight. So I think, let's see...Endermen are boring, slimes are weird, and I don't have any zombie pigmen around. What to do, what to do. Then it hits me. What if I fight the biggest bad-butt in the game? You guessed it. The Ender Dragon. I rub my hands together in glee.

          So I turn on Creative Mode, make an End Portal, and jump in.

          Everything is quiet. I'm on an obsidian platform on the side of the island. I fly up, and within thirty seconds the Ender Dragon sees me, then divebombs. "AHHH!" I yelp and fly to the left, just barely missing getting eaten. I shoot at Mr. E, (this is what I have dubbed him) only to find out a few moments later that it's impossible to kill him with those weird purple thingys still there. I shoot the purple floating blocks, and then I turn around right as Mr. E divebombs again. I shoot him right in his gaping maw.

           "ROOOOOAAARRRRR!!!!!!" He growls, pivoting at the last second. He flies to the other end of the island.

           Okay, this is taking forever, I think, after twenty minutes of divebombs and flying arrows. What if I use lava to burn him? I set to work building a line of blocks, about sixty blocks off the ground. Then I pour lava on every block, then stand back and watch the lava spill to the floor. It hit the floor just as I hear a ear-splitting roar behind me. Are you in for a surprise, I think, flying through the lava and onto the other side. I wait, as the sound of flapping wings get closer and closer. I'm the only one receiving a surprise, though, because just then Mr. E appears, flying through the lava, creating a hole just big enough for him to fit through. Aw, what?! I think, while I fly screaming across the island with Mr. E in hot pursuit.

           Then I stop. I just had a facepalm moment. I'm flying. Which means I'm in Creative Mode. Which means I'm invincible. I just hang there while Mr. E divebombs, giving me no damage. Haha! I now know I can just pelt him with arrows, waiting for him to die.

           After about five more minutes, finally, I see the HUGE purple explosion, signaling that I won. After Mr. E's gone, I bury his egg, as a friend advised me to do if I wanted a ghost dragon to hatch. Then I stand there like a dope, while Endermen walk around me. I then think how desolate the End is. What if I built a village, with animals, people, and everything?

           I build until everything's finished. A decent-sized village now stands in the End. Then I thought, what if I build a floating city? I start by making a platform of grass very, very, very high in the air. I build a monument of Steve's face, with beacons for eyes. Then I jump off the grass and drill my way under the island. I build a cute little house, and spawn a villager in it. I make a few more houses, and voila, a new village connecting to the one on the top of the island. I then make stairs up to the grass platform, now my floating city. Now everyone can walk from one village to the other.

           So that's my three-hour-long Minecraft session on the 28th. Maybe the next thing I'll make is a city in the Nether. Cool, huh?

           I gotta go. Dinner calls.

                  Your local Palmer-residing, farm-living, Mincraft geek,
                                              Moira S. Fasser

          Mr. E's egg hasn't hatched yet. I'll tell you when it does. Maybe you guys can give me ideas for the name. :) :) :)

          Bello! Sorry, I love the Minions...

          Anyway, remember last time I wrote I said Pippa (our Cochin Bantam) was sitting on eggs? Well, on Thursday (March 10th) six little fuzzy guys popped out. Then the next day two more lil' peepin' cuties decided to join their siblings in annoying Pippa. Poor Pippa. Just as she settles everyone down, fixes her feathers, and falls asleep, the babies have to jump around, making her feathers get all messed up. >:(

          There are three red ones, (one with a chocolate body) three black ones, a white one with tan spots, and a sliver one with a white belly. They all have equally fuzzy butts.

          We sold the white and silver chicks to a friend last night. Whew. In a few more days, we'll be like, "Go, you stinky, noisy chickens!" That's the good thing about hatching birds. They're all so adorable when you hatch 'em, then by the time they're about a week old, you don't want them. Then you won't have to worry about getting attached to them. Except for the occasional adorable chick...which makes up 3/4 your birds in your pens.

          I've made progress on the books I'm writing. Yes, I do get author's block. Right about then I want to toss my computer into the horse's trough. Or into the duck pool. They'll both do the job. Then I'll cry at all the lost work I've done. And my poor Minecraft animals, drowning because of their owner's stupidity. "Glub glub...what a world, what a world!" They'll say. You murderer.

          I really wish the weather would make up it's mind. Since February it's been in the 40s. Then it froze. Then it melted and stayed in the 40s again. Yesterday is started snowing when it was 42 degrees out, and then it started raining. Then rain and snow at the same time. And NOW...snow, at 46 degrees. It's like God went to get something out of His freezer and then forgot to shut the door. Twice.

         Though I can't complain about the snow. It's like we're in a snow globe. It's really pretty. Until you step wrong and fall on your butt. Like I would.

         I made a mini Olaf this morning. I was standing outside on our porch today, liking the weather, when I stepped in a slushy patch of snow. (Why I was standing out there without shoes I don't know) I slipped, tossing the mini Olaf into the side of the house. WHEEEEEEEE!! SPLAT...I walked inside with a soggy sock, thinking how sad it was that I had killed poor Olaf.

          My aunt and uncle just flew up from England two days ago. They're staying with my grandma, so I haven't seen them yet. Poor guys. They're going to have jet-lag from heck.

          I just realized, I think my aunt and uncle brought the wet weather from England! Is there a way I could ship it back? "If there's a will, there's a way," as the saying goes.

         Anyway, I have to help Mom cook dinner. She just had surgery, so the poor lady isn't feeling that good. Bye!

            Bye from the animals, (slobbery horses and fuzzy chicks included)
                                           Moira S. Fasser

Monday, March 7, 2016

Sequal of "Update, Yo!"

           Hi! It's me, Moira, again. There's been a few things going on. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

           First of all, I have two big bruises on my knees and elbows because of the ice. It rained a little while ago, and that made everything extremely slippery. I normally don't slip, but I stepped wrong. I guess I inherited a lot of Mom's klutzy-ness. (Remember the whole New Year's episode?) :| :| :|

           On the 14th  of this month my great-aunt and great-uncle are coming up here. My aunt's been here before, but my uncle hasn't. They are both from England, so you can imagine the climate change! :)

           The past few days have been really hot around here. At nine this morning it was already 45F outside. My sister that was in Guam for a while came up here for the summer in 2013, and she was freezing, even though that summer it was 90F. Whereas Mom and I were dying of the heat. Yeah, when it comes to heat and humidity, I'm a wimp. (Thank the Lord I'm in Alaska!)

           In August I started wringing a book, (of course, it's about horses) and now I'm writing three at a time. The first two are called "Windswept Acres" and they're about two sisters, Rachel and Jessica Jefferson. They live in Hidden Springs, a town in a dormant volcano, which is named Indian Valley, in Arizona.

          The other one is "The Horses of Echo Falls." That one is about Rachel and Jessica's cousin, Alexandria Hernandez. Alex lives in Echo Falls, a town either ten or fifteen miles away from Hidden Springs. The town gets its name from the huge waterfall, and the town even have a wild horse herd there, hence the name of the book.

           I'm hoping to get the books published before I'm 15, so I'll be a really young author. Books take a long time to write, though. All these ideas come from nowhere, so I just write them down so I  don't forget them.

           Mom is going to be my editor. FYI, if you write a book you have to have an editor. I learned this in a writing class I recently took.

          Why do you need an editor you ask? Editors aren't just for checking grammatical errors. They also have the job of giving the author more ideas, and, if there's a sentence that's weak or sounds weird, the editors point it out, so the authors can change the word order. There's a lot of stuff I could go on about, like what's a weak sentence, word order, paragraph order, editors, and so on. But you didn't come here to get a grammar lesson! You came here because you were totally bored and had nothing better to do with your time.

           JK. But seriously, there's probably a million better ways to spend the fifteen minutes it takes to read this. XD

           Anyway, one of our Cochin Bantams, Pippa, is sitting on 14 eggs. She's having to do the splits to keep all the eggs warm. I can't wait until the little fuzzy bums pop out of the eggs!

           Like I was telling Mom a few days ago, no matter how many time it happens, it never gets old seeing newly-hatched chicks and ducklings or little new-born goat kids. I wonder how many of you animals fanatics are nodding or making little "mmm-hmm" sounds?

            Normally, in December we breed our goats, Willow and Snickers, so they'll have the kids in April. This year we bred all four of our girl goats in January, so instead of having the kids in April, they'll have them in June, when the weather's a lot warmer.  The other two does are Sweet Pea and Lily, who were too young to breed, so normally we had five or six kids each year. Now we'll have 12 kids if all of them have three. But Willow normally only has two babies.

          Willow had Snickers the first time she had a kid, then she had three the next year, (one died because she decided to have her babies when we were at church) then two the next.
          Snickers had one baby the first year, then she had three last year.

          Who knows with Sweet Pea and Lily? Knowing us, They'll both have six. JK.... 4 is normally the most they have at once.

          Sweet Pea's mom had four, but only Sweet Pea and one other sibling survived. We didn't even know if SP would live, because she was really, really, really, small. She did, though. :) We raised SP and Lily together on bottles. Now Lily is tall, up and down as well as sideways. I'm wondering how wide she'll be when she's carrying kids. (Hopefully she won't pop...Ew.)

           Picasso, our buck, is really pretty. He has black, tan, white, and grey on him. And he also has blue eyes. He's the only one of our goats that have blue eyes. So much for the blue eyes being the dominant color. He has a son, Raphael, who has blue eyes, and two daughters that have minty-green eyes. Out of Picasso's nine kids, they are the only ones with eye colors other then brown.  

          Do you want to know how he came by that name? You probably don't, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. 

           When we went to pick him up a couple of years ago when he was eight weeks old, I saw his face and instantly though of a Picasso painting, because he has these spots of black on either side of his face, making him have a crooked blaze (sorry, horse terminology). I told Mom, and the name stuck. 

          I normally hate crooked things, like a picture that's uneven, but I love his little blaze! <3 

          Well, now I pretty much ran out of things to say. (Which rarely happens...just ask my family.) I've got to go now. It's six something, and I have to go feed soon.

                            Horse Kisses from Cherry, (including the slobber)
                                                              Moira S. Fasser