Wednesday, May 11, 2016

           Hi everyone! Let's see what's been going on around the farm, shall we?

           So first, my favorite chicken, Arwen, (a bantam Cochin) is sitting on about 18 eggs. She hatched two already. One on Monday and one today. They both are white with light grey on their backs. The second one had more grey, though.

           Pearl, my semi-new Muscovy hen, is sitting on who knows how many eggs. She hasn't hatched anything yet, although the Muscovy do take five weeks to hatch their little ducklings.

           My Khaki Campbell ducks who were in the incubator hatched on the 3rd and 4th. Out of 24 eggs, 19 babies hatched. I'm so happy, even though a few of them aren't full Khaki like we thought. They're half Khaki Campbell half Welsh Harlequin.

            Our four does are due sometime next month. They're HUGE! I think they all have at least twins in there. Whoo! Tons of goat kids

            So basically, we have babies coming out our ears.

           Windswept Acres 1, Windswept Acres 2, and The Horses of Echo Falls 1 were coming along until the cooling fan in my four-year-old computer went kapoot. Yeah. It just died. I just about died. All of my work! All of my Minecraft things! My pictures! My games! But most importantly, my BOOKS!!

           I totally freaked out, running around yelling, "Omigosh omigosh omigosh! All my stuff!" Until Dad told me that all he had to do was wrench the insides out of my poor Dell, then stick wires in it's brain, then copy it's mind onto my "new" (a pretty old Dell laptop that surprisingly works better then my old one) computer. Well, actually, he said he could take the hard drive out of my old laptop, then copy everything over to the new one. But seriously, what's the difference?

           Right now I'm writing from Mom's new Toshiba. It's super cool. It's keyboard lights up, it's touchscreen, it runs REALLY fast, and it can flip into a huge iPad-like device like the Microsoft Surface does.

           It used to be my dad's, until he fried it when he put his iPhone on top of it, right after he had put a magnet in the phone case. Great job Dad. Real smooth.

           Somehow he un-fried it so Mom could use it. He got a replacement for it, and he has a computer that basically is the same thing except his is black.

           If you're wondering why I'm using my mom's computer, well, I don't have the Internet. I have to wait for that until I'm 16.

           For updates on the horses, Ruffian's fur is almost out. The winter hair, that is. No, we don't have a partially bald horse.

            Anyway, Cherry still looks like Big Foot's cousin. Or Chewie's. Wait. What if Chewie and Big Foot were related? I just figured out the Sasquatch mystery! We've all  really been seeing Chewbacca, not Big Foot. Does that Big Foot is really playing Chewie in Star Wars? (Insert "Bhwas" here.) :O :O :O

           Well, back to Cherry. Since she's 25, her hair takes a lot longer to come out, even with me brushing and Ruffian grooming her. Luckily I've been trying to be persistent in getting her hair out.

           Momma let me make my own Pandora station, and I like that I can put anyone I like on, instead of listening to the radio where anything comes on. My station includes: Taylor Swift (duh), Adele (duh), Pentatonix (duh), Paramore, Maroon 5, Carrie Underwood (duh), Deadmau5, Celldweller, Colbie Calliat, Rachel Platten, Lindsay Sterling, Kurt Bestor, District 78, Brad Pasely, Doris Day, Blake Shelton, Van Halen, Imagine Dragons (duh)...A ton more, too, but you get the idea of the kind of music I like. Basically, I like any music unless it's rap or techno. I tend to lean more to the dubstep, country, and pop areas though.

            I just realized something. Us bird people could really call our friends "peeps." One of my brothers used to say that a lot. I didn't really get why he did, or what it meant. But hey, we could use that as an animal person term!

           I have to go now. I gotta feed. You know. The "Call of the Hungry Animals" is happening right now. XD I hoped you liked reading my babbling.

           Ciao ciao,                            (No, I don't have a Chow Chow.)
                     Moira S. Fasser

            Do you guys have any good names for my books? Or should I just keep the names? I'd really like some advice. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Too Funny!

Howdy! I know I've had a vacation from writing, but I see y'all have been left in very good hands! I might even make her (a.k.a. Moira) ALWAYS do the writing. She's really rather good at it, don't you agree?

I'm just popping in to update a few things.

We have a Muscovy hen sitting on a bunch of eggs...her very first! I don't know when they are due since the sneaky little devil went into seclusion without me noticing at first. They sit on their eggs for 35 days rather than the 28 of the Mallard type ducks. Guess time will tell.

We also have a tiny bantam Cochin hen (Arwen) sitting on something like 10 eggs. She's a pro at hatching out babies, and is a grand mother, so I'm looking forward to seeing how many she produces this time. Again, I don't know when their due, since she, too, did the sneaky bit. Can't stop those determined mommas!

Moira's bunch of Khaki Campbells are hatching right now. 2 are out of their shells entirely, 4 more should be soon...all the others are actively working on it!

Once all the Khaki's are hatched, I will be putting in 24 Welsh Harlequin eggs in! :P

I also have 10 Welsh Harlequin ducklings coming from Holderread Waterfowl  Farm in Oregon. They are THE premier breeders of waterfowl in the USA...perhaps even the world! :) I cannot stop grinning! To think I have show quality ducklings coming from them to boost my tiny flock is a dream come true! :)

The goat does are growing their kids nicely...all 4 have quite the tummies on them! I'll see about getting some photos soon.

It's time to get to work outside...the pens need to be cleaned, the garden tilled / planted and I'm tired just thinking about it! :) Even so, I know I'm blessed! I have a wonderful family, a great community, fantastic friends, and my very own tiny farm, smack dab in the greatest state of all!

God bless!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming artwork by both Moira & I! It is shaping up to pretty awesome! :)
          Hey-o! Sorry. That wasn't very fourteen of me. Did you hear that? Yes, you read that right. I'm fourteen! Whoo! As of yesterday, for all you people who didn't know. (April 26)
          Anyway, I have good and bad things to write about. Let's get the bad news out of the way first, okay?

          Last week Momma and I brought a Welsh Harlequin inside because she had an inside-out vent. Well, we did all we could but she passed away a few days ago. :( :( :(
          Our incubator decided to go wacky today. Instead of being at 99.5F for our ducks, it went up to 100F. Mom turned it "down," but it went up to 101, then 102. It kind of helps if she turned the knob the right way. She had turned it to the right which turns it up. Luckily she realized her mistake before my ducks turned into egg rolls. It went back to 99.5 when she turned it LEFT.

          I just hope my Khaki Campbells didn't fry. >:( >:( >:(

          So now for the good news.

          Well, for starters, it looks like we're going to have a good number of kids in June. Goats, I mean. Lily, Sweet Pea, Willow, and Snickers are super fat. The problem is, they have about a month or so to go and I keep having the horrible thought they're going to pop. LOL I hope that doesn't happen. I hope it DOESn't happen...get it? Does...? I think I'll go now...

           I'm super excited! A horse friend of mine is getting four new horses. Heck, I'm not getting any but I'm still excited! For all of you who want to know, three are Friesians, and one is an Andalusian. Talk about awesome horse breeds! In fact, of the more rare horse breed, Friesians are my absolute favorite. Then Gypsy Vanners. Of the normal horses, I love Quarter Horses, Norwegian Fjord Horses, Mustangs (which my horsy friend currently owns), Miniatures, Thoroughbreds, Clydesdales, and many, many, more.

          Sorry. Did I go all "horse" on you guys? Yeah, it's kind of weird when I start to talk about a simple horse subject that anyone would understand and end up getting all technical. I've gone "horsy" on a lot of my friends, many times. Oops.

           Anyway, off the horse subject.

          Just a really random thing to throw out there, but I bought an elephant yesterday. AN ELEPHANT?! Heh, no. Not a real, life-size one, unfortunately. Just a plastic one from the German company Schleich. My dad named him Jose, because elephants have hose-like trunks. :) I love elephants. Almost (but not quite) as much as horses. Which is a lot coming from me. On a scale of 1 to 10, elephants would be 10, dolphins and whales 9, ducks 8, horses 1,000,000. Nuff said.

           And I thought we were off the horse subject. O3O
           My dad was so nice and bought me flowers on my birthday. A rose with baby's breath around it. He also bought me milk chocolate with gooey raspberry goodness on the inside, which, being the klutz I am, broke off too much of the bottom, making the raspberry stuff dribble out the bottom of the chocolate and down into my *ahem* bra. That was interesting to get out, not to mention off without dropping anything else.

          Surprisingly, the raspberry chocolate and the orange dark chocolate made it to today without being eaten. That is, until my night raid of their box.

          *Om nom nom nom* What? Who? Me? I-I wasn't eating anything...

          I have to let you guys go...Thanks for letting me talk (or should I say write?) your ears (eyes?) off. Ciao!

                                                Your now fourteen-year-old,
                                                            Moira S. "Horse Freak" Fasser

          I want to shout out to all you people who wished me a happy birthday. THANK YOU!! It's really cool when 50 bizillion people take time out of their busy schedules to say happy birthday. <3 <3 <3 Thanks again!