Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Too Funny!

Howdy! I know I've had a vacation from writing, but I see y'all have been left in very good hands! I might even make her (a.k.a. Moira) ALWAYS do the writing. She's really rather good at it, don't you agree?

I'm just popping in to update a few things.

We have a Muscovy hen sitting on a bunch of eggs...her very first! I don't know when they are due since the sneaky little devil went into seclusion without me noticing at first. They sit on their eggs for 35 days rather than the 28 of the Mallard type ducks. Guess time will tell.

We also have a tiny bantam Cochin hen (Arwen) sitting on something like 10 eggs. She's a pro at hatching out babies, and is a grand mother, so I'm looking forward to seeing how many she produces this time. Again, I don't know when their due, since she, too, did the sneaky bit. Can't stop those determined mommas!

Moira's bunch of Khaki Campbells are hatching right now. 2 are out of their shells entirely, 4 more should be soon...all the others are actively working on it!

Once all the Khaki's are hatched, I will be putting in 24 Welsh Harlequin eggs in! :P

I also have 10 Welsh Harlequin ducklings coming from Holderread Waterfowl  Farm in Oregon. They are THE premier breeders of waterfowl in the USA...perhaps even the world! :) I cannot stop grinning! To think I have show quality ducklings coming from them to boost my tiny flock is a dream come true! :)

The goat does are growing their kids nicely...all 4 have quite the tummies on them! I'll see about getting some photos soon.

It's time to get to work outside...the pens need to be cleaned, the garden tilled / planted and I'm tired just thinking about it! :) Even so, I know I'm blessed! I have a wonderful family, a great community, fantastic friends, and my very own tiny farm, smack dab in the greatest state of all!

God bless!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming artwork by both Moira & I! It is shaping up to pretty awesome! :)

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