Monday, June 27, 2016

Updates & Changes...

   I wanted to write to give y'all a heads up on the changes that will be occurring on this lil' o' blog of ours.

   Moira & I are working to get our artwork public, (all the while trying to hold down the fort with the farm, housework, and homeschooling!) so we decided to add a few different pages for the various mediums we work in. We're hoping it'll be easier to navigate that way. Please let us know if it's working or not. (Please give us a bit to get organized first, though! Thanks!)

   Moira will still keep y'all updated on all that's happening on the farm, and I added a page for our favorite Catholic prayers. I've even added one a page for recipes we really like. Hope you enjoy.

  God bless!
~Kim / Kitterly

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

         Hi everyone! There's been quite a few things going on recently. So most of it revolves around animals (of course) so brace yourselves for animal geeky-ness.

         All four of our goats have had their babies! On June 3rd, Sweet Pea had twins. A buck and a doe. At first, they both had moons on their foreheads, but then the buck lost his. The buck is Leo and the doe is Luna. Luna is black, with silver roaning from her head all the way to her rump. She also has a white spot on her right side, and the white moon on her forehead. She has frosted ears and nose like her parents.

         Leo looks just like his dad, Picasso, (except Picasso has light tan and white on his body) because he has black shoulders, roaning on his face to his shoulders, black stripes on his face, frosted ears, frosted nose, tan body, and black striped legs. We named Leonardo after Leonardo DaVinci because Picasso is his dad.

          On June 9th, Willow had her twins. A boy and a girl, again. Romeo looks exactly like Leo, just without the roaning. Juliet is white, with brown and black spots. She has blue eyes (so does Romeo) and she has a black stripe. It's funny that one of the babies that Willow had last year looked exactly like Juliet. They both had black stripes down their backs. Where a brown spot spreads across Juliet's back, the black stripe is on it. Then where the white goes across her back, the stripe stops.

         On June 13th, Lily had a buck. Even though we wanted females, we adore this little dude. He looks just like Juliet, just without as much black. He's the outcast. I mean, Sweet Pea is a little witch to all the other babies, especially Gimley (the outcast). I brought him out on the lawn and he curled himself up in my lap! He's the world's first lap-goat.

         Oh, I forgot to mention that even though he's four days younger than Romeo and Juliet, he's almost as tall. The funny thing is, he has short legs, but he's so big he's almost as tall as the other babies. He also has half brown half blue eyes. He's just too adorable. :) :) :)

          Then, finally, Snickers had her twins on June 20th. The boy, Hansel, is all white, except he has grey stripes on his forehead, grey tail, and frosted ears. His sister, Gretel, has dark pinkish-red shoulders and head. She has black stripes on her head and frosted ears with a light pinkish-red rump. Her tail is greyish. They have the weirdest colorings.

         Now that I've got all the goat stuff out of the way, here's for the ducks. (We have babies coming out of our ears over here!)

          So I got eggs from a guy that lives near us. They were all "purebred" Khaki Campbells. Well...when the 19 ducklings hatched, there were two white ones, tons of brown ones, and lots of black ones. Hm. Not exactly what I call purebred.

         But, I'm actually glad I got them. They're dopey, friendly, and funny. And I can't complain, because the guy gave 'em to me for free. Awesome deal! Even though 12 turned out to be boys...

         My brother moved in a little while ago with his girlfriend, two dogs, and two cats. So, for all of you who are wondering, we now have four dogs and three cats in the house. Whee! :/

         We repainted my old room a light blue color, put hardwood floors down that's the color of honey, and put white trim along the walls. I moved into the attic/loft/classroom, and my brother moved into my old room.

          Momma and I are going to Chugiak with a friend to pick up her daughter's horses on Friday. Yay! I haven't seen one of the horses in a while. The other horse is new, so I get to see my friend's new Miniature.

         So my brother's girlfriend let me download her Sims 3 Supernatural, which basically means you can play as a werewolf, vampire, ghost, pixie, or just a human. Well, I have a vampire named Jerald Swan, and he rides a horse that has a skeleton design on it. It's like someone painted a skeleton on it. No, you can't have a skeleton horse. Unfortunately. :(

         Okay. That's just creepy. I was just talking about Sims 3 Supernaturals, and I looked at Pandora. There was a song by Santana that was off the album "Supernatural." It's weird when that happens. :0

         Or it's weird when you're angry or sad, and you turn on the radio, which is playing a song that is explaining everything going wrong in your life.

          Well, I have to go...Taylor Swift just came on Pandora and I need to do chores!

                                                       Your local Sims 3 gamer,
                                                               Moira Shea Fasser