Monday, June 27, 2016

Updates & Changes...

   I wanted to write to give y'all a heads up on the changes that will be occurring on this lil' o' blog of ours.

   Moira & I are working to get our artwork public, (all the while trying to hold down the fort with the farm, housework, and homeschooling!) so we decided to add a few different pages for the various mediums we work in. We're hoping it'll be easier to navigate that way. Please let us know if it's working or not. (Please give us a bit to get organized first, though! Thanks!)

   Moira will still keep y'all updated on all that's happening on the farm, and I added a page for our favorite Catholic prayers. I've even added one a page for recipes we really like. Hope you enjoy.

  God bless!
~Kim / Kitterly

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