Saturday, April 1, 2017

           The Ancona ducks hatched! Two on the 16th, two on the 17th, and two on the 18th. WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! We kept three and gave the others to our friend who we had gotten the eggs from. :) They're so adorable.

           The weird thing is, they're so huge! I'm used to Khaki and Welsh babies, so when these Ancona giants popped out, I was super surprised. I guess I'm just used to tiny things...take my mom for example. >:D

           Willow, Momma's goat, decided to have her kids on the 25th, not late April - early May. Sven (who I named after the reindeer in Frozen) is white with black spots here and there. Vixen is white with black and tan patches all over her body. She also has blue eyes, whereas Sven has dark brown eyes.

           The goats were in my room, but we switched them with the duck who were in the attic. Now my ducks are in my room, and are they LOUD. At least they go to sleep when I turn off my bedroom lights, unlike the goats who always stayed up a lot longer than me.

           The books I'm writing are getting pretty long. Every time I take a fiction writing course, I see stuff I need to add or take away from my books.

           Currently, my one book, "Windswept Acres," is 68 pages long. Don't worry, it's going be a LOT longer when it's finished. I can't stand reading short books. My definition of short is 100 or less p ages, FYI. I'm aiming to make my books at least 150, but hopefully they'll be longer.

           Another thing I don't like is when you have to read a series from the start or you won't have any idea what the heck the book is about. I'm writing my books so you can read any book without having to read the others, although they will have a few references to the others in the series.

           Happy April Fool's Day! One of my friend's dad's birthday is today. My friend said that's why his dad doesn't want any birthday parties. >:)

           I would try to trick my family, but nothing I try ever gets them because I can't hide traps too well, and dying their shampoo is too obvious. :\ *Snaps fingers* Dang it... foiled again.

           Well, anyway, that's really all I had to babble about. :) I'll write more later, if I remember.

           Hasta la vista! Ciao! Adios! Aloha!

           Yeah... I think you get the idea.

            I gotta hoof it outta here...... Sorry, bad horse pun XD
                                                   Moira S Fasser

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Books, Ducks, and Horses...Can't Get Better Than That!

          Well this is a first. I'm (Moira) sitting here watching NCIS, listening to Ingrid Michaelson, writing a blog update, and listening to my nephew Evan, all at the same time. Multitasking at its best.

          Our weather has been totally weird. First it was super cold, then it warmed up and melted. Then it decided to snow, and then it melted AGAIN. This morning it snowed, and it was 26 degrees last time I checked. This weather is super confusing.

          Momma put 13 eggs in the incubator a while ago. Four were duds, but the rest are growing well, one possibly being twins. They're due on the 18th, and I can't WAIT! We stop hatching in the winter, and it feels like years until we start hatching again in the spring.

          We also ordered 10 Ancona ducklings, and I'm also super stoked about that.

          Oh, FYI, I'm sold my Khaki mix girls, and I'm going to sell my Khaki drake, since we can't find Khakis that are show quality. So I'm getting into Anconas, since they're supposed to lay a lot of eggs and are supposed to be very calm.

          So Momma's been showing me how to shade when I'm drawing. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Now that I see what she's been talking about, it's a lot easier to do more realistic pictures than before. When I get the time, I'll put a few pictures of the drawings I've done.

          I've gotten over 50 pages written in my Windswept Acres book!! I'm just started on the other one, The Horses of Echo Falls (which is a mystery book), but I've had the idea for THOEF for a while. I'm also thinking about writing two other books after I'm done with these two, one being a horse book and the other being more of a sci-fi book.

          This book writing business is hard but fun. The best thing about writing two at the same time is that if I get bored of writing in one, I can write the other one. It works out.

          Well, I've run outta stuff to write... I'll hopefully remember to update this soon! Ciao for now. (Hey, that's catchy!)

                                                  Neighs and whinnies,
                                                         Moira S Fasser

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

          I can't believe how long it's been since I've written an update!! It's kind of sad, really.

          I have awesome news and really sad news. I think I'll start with the sad news to get it out of the way.

          First, around last December, we bought four Muscovy ducks. Two are black with barring on their sides and chests. The male, Diego, is super friendly, and Momma's even pet him. The other black one, Isabella, is friendly too, but I've never pet her.

          The other two are mine. One is a light blue with white on her head and chest. I named her Periwinkle. She's friendly, but she's sorta skittish. The other I named Pearl. She started out white with chocolate patches, but now she's almost completely white, the only color being on her chest and part of her wings. She's the one who always flies towards the food scoop, so I've had to duck (no pun intended) out of the way.

          Well, Pearl hatched a bunch of babies, (I know it was 8 babies, but I can't remember the exact number of eggs...I think it was 13) and only five of the eight babies survived. We swapped one of the males for another, unrelated "male," and kept the two "females."

          Yeah, the two "girls" turned out to be one girl, one boy, and the "male" turned out to be a nice girl named Ella, after my great-grandmother. Ella is another chocolate/white, and the two others were completely barred. George was the boy, and Tammy is the girl.

          Yeah, George is in past tense. He died of who knows what, and my other Muscovy girl we bought a little while ago died. We have no idea why they died. Thankfully, the other four (we bought a male after Ella turned out to be a girl, and we hatched another girl named Epinine) are still alive, and they seem to be doing well.

          The other sad news is that our five year old Barred Plymouth Rock, Goofy, died last week. She was one of our original hens. She's the one who survived Wry Neck, and a foot that had gotten stuck in twine. I don't know why she died, either.

          Geez, I just had a huge piece of depression pie, huh?

          Anyway, here's the good news:

          For Christmas, I got a phone!! As my friend would say, "Woot!" Totally stoked!

          I'm getting better at riding!! No, where I go to ride, it's not just about riding. It's all about everything that comes with horses; brushing, scooping poop, communicating clearly, and, most importantly, respecting each other. In short, everything that's totally more fun than just riding! I mean, riding is fun, but seriously, whoever has a horse just to ride is missing out on a ton of fun!

          I also haven't written since before my two new nephews were born!! Which was almost six months ago! So now, there are two new members of my family who go by the names of Evan Roy Fasser and Alec Joseph Roberson.

          Alec (who is not much younger than Evan) lives in PA. He's so adorable!

          Evan lives up here. My mom watches him a lot, so I get to play with an adorable five and a half month old. He's the only one of my 11 nephews I've seen since he was born, so this whole baby thing is quite new to me.

          I've had plenty of animal baby experience, but human kids are a totally different story!! :)

          Did I mention that I have 11 nephews and 4 nieces? Yeah, our family runs on the large side, with my six other siblings. XD
          That's all I really have to say. Buh bye, for now.

          Thanks for reading!

          Happy New Year!

                                           Neighs and Whinnies,
                                                            Moira S. Fasser


          I have my beginning and ending all written for one of my books, "Windswept Acres."

          It takes FOREVER to write a book. It's still fun though. :)